Photography by Audrey Vasey

About the Photographer

So just how does one go from being a CPA and Chief Financial Officer to a commercial and fine art photographer? Can’t tell you how others have made that switch but I can tell you that my journey began when my husband bought a digital point and shoot camera and insisted that I try it out. That began the love affair that resulted in a new kind of buying spree; lenses, tripods, photo processing software, lights, etc. And did I mention digital cameras (yes, that was plural)? My husband soon realized that he had created a monster.
I came to the conclusion that it was time to use the other side of my brain professionally. GOOOD-BYE accounting.......... HELLOOO photography.

As a commercial photographer, I create high quality photo images with each client’s marketing plan in mind. I use the type and style of photography that will give each client’s marketing pieces their greatest impact. I specialize in the areas of product and interior design photography. Click on the Gallery tab to see some examples of my work.

On the personal side, my photography tends to center around the things that were at one time useful and valued but now have been abandoned; such as old cars, farm equipment, and old homesteads. For me, finding a western ghost town is like finding that cool decoder ring at the bottom of the Cracker Jack box when you were a kid.

Yeah, it has been a great ride on that highway from accounting to commercial photography. I have to laugh, one of the talents that made me successful as a Chief Financial Officer is making me successful as a photographer; that talent is the ability to see both the details and the BIG picture.

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