Photography by Audrey Vasey


Ruth Patras,
President and Founder, Ciara’s Kombucha

“I’d like to thank you for the most AMAZING photos of my product. The way you made it so easy to download them and therefore put them on my website make me really look so tech savvy!! (Even though I am NOT!!) Your creativity and attention to detail is awesome......thank you a million times over!!”

Liz Migliore,
Owner, Jersey City Veggie Burgers

“Audrey Vasey is an incredibly gifted photographer and is a pleasure to work with. She did product photographs of my veggie burgers and absolutely blew me away with the results. Audrey does an amazing job anticipating the needs of the client and brings a wonderful energy to the shoot. She is willing to go the extra mile to make sure that the results are flawless, and it shows in the quality of her work.”

Jocelyn Fine,
Co-Founder, Fohawx, LLC

“We were very pleased with the work that Audrey did for Fohawx. She is a consummate professional and put time and effort into each and every shot, making sure that the product was accurately represented. She spent time learning about our business needs and delivered the photographs almost immediately after the shoot. The photographs that Audrey took for Fohawx are flawless. We would not hesitate to hire Audrey again for future work.”

Blanche Farrar
Gift Shop Manager / Sales
Black Hills Institute of Geological Research, Inc.

“Audrey is amazing. The photos she provided to me have made putting an ad together a snap. I could not be happier.”

Mary Ann Rollano,
Owner, Maryanna's Tea LLC

“I originally thought I could take my own product photos but soon found it was not as easy as it looks. I was very impressed with the professionalism and speed with which Audrey Vasey photographed my products. She is a skilled photographer who took the time to understand my business and business needs. Her photographs speak for themselves. Audrey is a pleasure to work with and I highly recommend Photography by Audrey Vasey without qualification.”

Suzanne Pease
Owner, Ampersand Graphics

"Audrey has that always sought after but seldom found combination of right brain creativity and left brain technical attention to detail. As an artist myself, I appreciate the fact that she will work with me to get the best possible layout and then push past my patience level to also get the color, focus, lighting and depth of field perfect so that what I envision in my head appears in the photograph."

Donna Domenicali
Interior Designer
Blue Heron Designs, Inc

"Audrey Vasey is truly a professional photographer that I will hire again and again to capture my interior design projects.  I entrusted her to photograph my best work, and she came through with a masterpiece that I intend to use on my web, on my brochures, and for design competitions.  Her attention to detail, persistence and cooperative nature make her my preferred photographer!"

Anne E Robinson,
President, Scottish Gourmet USA LLC

"Audrey is an artist with a camera, capturing beauty and detail in every shot. She is very easy to work with as she is open to new ideas and always willing to experiment with light and angle."

Kelly Cresho,
Owner, Razberri’s Salon

"I needed interior photos of my salon for a web site and contacted Audrey to help me out. I really appreciate Audrey’s attention to detail and the quality of the images she produced. Her photos did a fantastic job conveying the upbeat but relaxed style of my salon."

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